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4 Secrets to Better Team Performance

December 30, 2020
Written By: Steve Haviland
About The Author: Steve is the CEO of BTSG, the Business Technology Solutions Group. Steve is a passionate advocate for the effective use of technology in organizations, and specifically in the nonprofit space. He is focused on giving back to the community and is a member of the SW Wichita Falls Rotary Club. Steve is also the co-author of the Amazon Best Seller: Hack Proof Your Business Volume 2.

It was almost 5 years ago to the day of this writing that my accident happened.  One moment, I’m a healthy guy in my mid 30’s and the next I have a shattered foot, a dislocated hip, a dislocated arm, and glass shrapnel in my hands and arms.  I do not remember the minute or so leading up to the auto-accident, but it would change my life in profound ways.  I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and confined to a wheelchair for nearly 3 months.  During that time, I had to rely on the team I had built to carry my business forward.  

When I started to get back into the business, I found my company in utter disarray.  The salespeople had not been selling, the customers were unhappy, finances were underwater by nearly $25,000, deposits were not made, and bills were piling up.    The business I have put 7 years of my life into was about to fold.  That was the moment that I realized I had built a business that could not survive without me.  It was a hard lesson, won through a near brush with death.  It taught me that teams are important because they carry on the day to day work of the company when the owner isn’t around, but it also taught me the critical importance of the 4 secrets to making teams effective.  Allow me to share these with you!

In this guide, I want to help you to:

  • Build a team that can help you scale your company.
  • Identify ways to control and manage that team when you are not available.
  • Create an environment where your team and your business thrive.

My sincerest hope is that you will use the document to achieve spectacular success in building a high-performance team.  For me and my team, we hope that when it comes time for those tech purchases, you will think of us.

Download the guide here: https://www.btsgwebinars.com/4-steps-to-better-team-performance



Steve Haviland

CEO | BTSG – Business Technology Solutions Group