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BTSG Grant Program

Grants for small businesses and nonprofit organizations

The BTSG Technology Grant Program

The BTSG Technology Grant program was introduced in 2020. It is designed to fund technology applications and initiatives for small business and nonprofit organizations. The grant can be used to pay for hardware, software, technology implementations and approved cyber security initiatives.

Grant Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a BTSG Technology Grant, organizations must demonstrate the following:
  • A staff count that is under 1000 employees for nonprofit organizations or under 100 employees for small business organizations
  • A history of non-discrimination or a written anti-discrimination policy: BTSG is committed to providing and promoting inclusive working environments free from discrimination. Organizations that practice discrimination based on age, sex, ethnicity, religion, disability, pregnancy, marital status, gender identity, political affiliation, or veteran status are not eligible for Technology Grants.
  • A commitment to community building: BTSG is committed to positively impacting the economies and infrastructure of the communities in which it works. Organizations must demonstrate a history of providing employment opportunities, contributing to community organizations, or making a measurable differences for segments of the community in order to qualify for a grant.

Grant Requirements

When applying for a Grant the organization agrees to comply with BTSG Technology grant Requirements as follows:
  • Grant applicants agree to a BTSG Information Technology assessment of the organization’s network . This assessment gives BTSG insight into the applicants current technology status, operational requirements, and informs recommendations for future needs and actions.
  • Grant Applicants agree to allow a BTSG presentation to the organization’s top-tier leadership including; including CEO, Board Members, Founders, etc.
  • If awarded a grant, organizations agree to provide for maintenance of the hardware, software, and technology implementations for a minimum of 3 years. Maintenance requirements and cost will be identified by BTSG in advance of grant acceptance. The Grantee agrees to use BTSG services to maintain the hardware, software, or other technology procured under the grant.
  • The applicant acknowledges that failure to provide maintenance for hardware, software and technology for a period of at least 3 years may lead to a revocation of the grant and reclamation of the hardware, software, or technology that the grant awarded.
  • If awarded a grant, organizations agree to partner with BTSG efforts to publicize the grant award.
  • If awarded a grant, organizations agree to comply with reasonable request for information about activities supported by the grant, including community impact measurements.

Grant Terms

BTSG Technology Grant Terms:

Awarded grants are calculated based on the needs of the organization as communicated in the grant application and through information resulting from the BTSG technology assessment. Grants are awarded based on the merits of the application and the availability of funds. BTSG reserves all rights related to this program, and may at its sole descretion choose to fully fund, partially fund, or decline to fund any grant request or application.


What our clients are saying about us

The BTSG technician that came out this morning and brought the two new laptops and got them up and going for me was VERY efficient, polite, and made sure everything was how I wanted it!

Marvin Peeve
Grants and Programs, North Texas Area United Way

I have worked with BTSG for my IT solutions for over 8 years now. My business is better because the relationship with Steve and his crew. Highly recommend Business Technology Solutions Group.

Michael Detrick

I have met with several IT firms that simply cannot bridge the gap between the tech side of IT and how to make it work for your business. With BTSG, their ability to do that is what sets them apart. I highly recommend BTSG to any organization.

David Toogood
President and CEO, Work Services Corporation

BTSG very responsive to my Technical needs, and have always been able to resolve any issues I have at my office.

Michael Lujan
President and CEO, All American Insurance