Enterprise IT Management Plan

The Enterprise Managed IT package from BTSG boasts a team of dedicated IT engineers, offering top-of-the-line solutions at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house IT. Whether you’re seeking a primary IT provider or an addition to your existing IT staff, our enterprise-grade solutions and services are designed to meet your organization’s needs.

Our most comprehensive package with a combination of technology and business services including vendor management, IT planning and budgeting, BTSG Bigger Brains online employee training and dedicated support engineers. This package is a complete IT department in a box.

Signing up for IT support from BTSG is simple and straightforward. Just indicate the number of employees in your company, complete the checkout process without enduring lengthy sales calls or boring presentations. Our automated onboarding process is quick, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

$205.00 / month

Number of Computer Users:

Get up and running without
breaking a sweat

With Bespoke onboarding an experienced BTSG onboarding engineer will come to your location, set up each computer, and spend up to two hours per user addressing and resolving technology issues with your team.

BTSG Highly Recommends Bespoke Onboarding for offices with more than 10 users.

Increase your business, not your stress.
Bespoke Onboarding
$270/computer user

One time fee billed per computer user that provides up to two hours of onboarding time per user to address issues and solve problems.

The Enterprise Managed IT Plan

For enterprises that require IT compliance, IT planning, and Guidance, the Enterprise plan is an all-inclusive solution that provides a wide range of features designed exclusively for large organizations and environments.

As with all of our plans, the cornerstone of The Enterprise Managed IT Plan is BTSG’s bespoke support application, a powerful tool that continuously monitors your system, alerting you to potential issues before they occur. With the bespoke support application, you can stay ahead of problems and take prompt action, ensuring that your productivity and data remain unaffected.

Our antivirus software provides robust protection for your systems, continuously detecting and eliminating threats to keep your data and systems secure. The automated patching feature ensures that your software is always up-to-date and protected against known vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of cyber-attacks.

In addition to these core features, The Enterprise Managed IT Plan includes unlimited onsite and remote support with dedicated resources for solving IT problems. Our single sign-on feature allows you to log in to multiple applications with a single set of credentials, while our dark web monitoring feature alerts you when your company’s sensitive data appears on the dark web. Our IT asset and inventory reporting feature provides you with a comprehensive view of your IT assets and their current status.

Our end-user training program, called BTSG’s Bigger Brains, helps your team stay up-to-date with the latest technology and cybersecurity best practices, ensuring that they can work effectively and securely.

With The Enterprise Managed IT Plan, you also get quarterly business reviews to discuss your IT infrastructure’s performance and identify areas for improvement. Our IT planning and budgeting services help you plan and budget for future IT investments, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is aligned with your business goals.

We also implement IT according to compliance standards such as NIST 800-171, PCI compliance, and other regulatory requirements. This means you can trust that your IT infrastructure is secure and compliant, avoiding any potential legal or financial consequences.

By choosing The Enterprise Managed IT Plan, you get access to expert support whenever you need it, and you only pay for support when you require it, saving you money on IT support costs.

In today’s digital age, security and efficiency are of the utmost importance. With The Enterprise Managed IT Plan, you can rest assured that your IT systems are in safe hands. Don’t let IT issues slow you down or impact your productivity. Invest in The Enterprise Managed IT Plan today and take the first step in securing your IT infrastructure.

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The Onboarding Process

Getting started with BTSG’s Startup Managed IT plan is easy, and we offer two simple options for organizations to get started. Our self service option allows you to save money by doing many of the onboarding step yourself. Alternatively, a BTSG onboarding engineer can handle the entire onboarding on your behalf for a small onboarding fee.

Self Service Onboarding

In a self service onboarding our very first step will be to have a BTSG onboarding engineer reach out to you via email with our new client onboarding book and downloadable installer. The onboarding book tells you what to expect when working with BTSG. It covers topics like how to request help, how we prioritize issues for clients, and our security stance. The downloadable installer file will need to run on every desktop, laptop, and server that your company uses. The file installs BTSG’s bespoke support software, antivirus and other critical software that is needed to protect and manage your environment. Upon installation, our tool will document your computers and complete a basic onboarding process to further evaluate your network and infrastructure. This process is completed automatically within minutes of installation and requires no additional effort on your part.

The next step is for the onboarding engineer to set up an onboarding meeting with you. In the onboarding meeting, you will meet your account manager and the onboarding engineer. The conversation will focus on answering common questions like how you get help, and how we prioritize issues, addressing common technology issues and complaints, escalation procedures, and any remaining steps that are needed to fully implement your service plan. After the meeting our onboarding engineer will then work with you to complete your onboarding and get you set up as a satisfied client.

BTSG Bespoke Onboarding*

When you purchase BTSG’s Bespoke Onboarding Plan, we will send an onboarding engineer to your office. The engineer will install our customized support software, antivirus and other critical software that is needed to protect and manage your environment on all desktops, laptops and servers. The engineer will also set up onboarding stickers so that your team knows how to get ahold of us in the event of a problem. The onboarding engineer will install all critical software such as MDM, Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Password Managers and more. Finally the engineer will spend time with each employee to walk them through the new tools at their disposal and show them how to ask for help and get support.

The Onboarding engineer will also set up a face to face meeting with you, your account manager. During the face to face meeting your account manager and onboarding engineer will focus on answering common questions like how you get help, and how we prioritize issues, addressing common technology issues and complaints, escalation procedures, and any remaining steps that are needed to fully implement your service plan. After the meeting our onboarding engineer will then work with you to complete your onboarding and get you set up as a satisfied client.

*Bespoke onboarding services are typically only available inside our onsite service area. Your account manager will reach out if you are outside our service area when ordering bespoke onboarding to discuss travel and other related expenses.


What type of computers does BTSG support?
We maintain and support modern Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. To provide the highest-quality support in Windows environments, we require you to have Windows 10 Pro or higher. If you don’t have Windows 10 Pro, we will help you upgrade during onboarding.
Is there a contract? Am I locked in?
No, you may cancel anytime by contacting your account manager. We believe that our work speaks for itself and do not lock our clients into long-term contracts.
How does BTSG handle secrets, like passwords, certificates, and hashes?
BTSG will use password manager tools to share credentials and keep them safe. Such tools include AWS Secrets Manager, OnePass, and Parameter Store.
Will I need to buy a new computer or computers?
In most cases, the computers you are currently using are fine. During the onboarding process, your onboarding engineer will audit your computers and determine which machines are underpowered or outdated. If found, they will prepare a list of recommendations for your account manager to review with you.
What happens if I hire or let go of employees?
BTSG offers a scalable solution. Reach out to your account manager and we will adjust the number of users according to your requirements.
Is the installation of new hardware or software covered?
BTSG plans cover your infrastructure at the time that you buy our plan. If you purchase new equipment or software, you can choose to onboard it with our self service option or have a BTSG onboarding engineer the new equipment for a nominal fee.
Can you support our unique software?
With tens of millions of different software packages available on the market, it is impossible for us to be an expert with every software. We will rely on the software manufacturer and our years of technology experience to deliver the best outcome possible.

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