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Bespoke Onboarding

A BTSG expert will come to your location, set up each computer, listen to your issues and answer your questions.


When you purchase BTSG’s Bespoke Onboarding Plan, we will send an onboarding engineer to your office. The engineer will install our customized support software, antivirus and other critical software that is needed to protect and manage your environment on all desktops, laptops and servers. The engineer will also set up onboarding stickers so that your team knows how to get ahold of us in the event of a problem. The onboarding engineer will install all critical software such as MDM, Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Password Managers and more. Finally the engineer will spend time with each employee to walk them through the new tools at their disposal and show them how to ask for help and get support.

The Onboarding engineer will also set up a face to face meeting with you, your account manager. During the face to face meeting your account manager and onboarding engineer will focus on answering common questions like how you get help, and how we prioritize issues, addressing common technology issues and complaints, escalation procedures, and any remaining steps that are needed to fully implement your service plan. After the meeting our onboarding engineer will then work with you to complete your onboarding and get you set up as a satisfied client.

*Bespoke onboarding services are typically only available inside our onsite service area. Your account manager will reach out if you are outside our service area when ordering bespoke onboarding to discuss travel and other related expenses.