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What to look for in a Great IT Provider

So here you are, shopping for a new IT provider.

Maybe you aren’t getting the value for your dollar, or maybe you recently got hacked.

Regardless of the reason, now you need to figure out who to choose for a new IT company.

My goal today is to show you things to look for in a great IT company. Look for these things for your next provider.

  1. Emergency protocols. When your IT person is sick, it shouldn’t put your business in jeopardy. There should be contingency plans in place to make sure that your connectivity is not subjected to the whims of your IT provider.
  2. Managed business continuity. Your data backup should happen automatically. When there is an outage, your recovery should be automatic and quick. Beyond the initial setup, your business continuity should not require anything of anyone to take place.
  3. Alternative solutions. IT needs vary from company to company; there’s no “one size fits all” solution. Make sure your IT provider can provide options. For instance, do they offer cloud and onsite options? Can they provide both hardware and services? Is it truly a one-stop-shop for your IT – or are is it just a guy who fixes your network issues?
  4. Centralized client support. To provide you with a timely response, your IT provider should offer a back-end. This includes a centralized help desk, ticket automation, and automated updates. It also means that when you call the help desk, anyone can help you, as opposed to having to track down an assigned technician.
  5. A cloud strategy. Your IT Provider should have a cloud strategy, and they should be able to tell you in simple terms what that strategy is. For example, we use Microsoft 365 as a cloud solution, but we also offer hybrid solutions that pair cloud and on-premise IT services based on our client’s needs.
  6. Comprehensive onboarding plan. When you start with a new IT provider, they should be able to outline what you should expect. This onboarding plan should offer details about when you pay, what they offer, how help tickets are handled, and other important details.
  7. Technical ability and experience. Perhaps it sounds obvious, but there are IT providers that lack the technical skills and ability to handle everything they say they offer. Find out the length and breadth of the engineer’s experience and learn enough about the company to know how long they’ve been around and offering services.

Capabilities can vary greatly among providers. Consider the above 7 things when your goal is to find the best company to meet your businesses needs. At BTSG, we would love your business, so if you are interested in talking to us, reply to this email or call (940)692-1119.